Maintenance sunday, 20th of october is over

Well boys we did it, maintenance is no more.

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October 20th 2019, 11:17 am

Maintenance sunday, 20th of october

Hey there,

FortBots will be undergoing maintenance soon, we are moving this website, the

Outage 12 - 13 August


All bots from Fort Bots were unavailable for a few hours because of an update in Disco...

Defense Unit v3.2 - Support for Xbox, Mobile and Switch

The wait is over,

Server admins can now add servers for xbox, mobile and nintendo switch. A...

Introducing: Donations & Premium Status


We are now accepting donations, our services are completely free to use and...

Defense Unit v3.1

Hey there,

v3.1 has just been released with a brand new command (Thank you gr1mworld#4299 f...

FoSS v2.1.1 & Defense Unit v3.0.1

A small update has been released fixing some minor issues, mainly with the sharding which would c...

Defense Unit V3

It may or may not have taken waaaaaaaay too long, but it is here.

V3 has been released, fea...

Federation of Star Systems Rewrite - Part 2

Hey there,

I have finished working on the profile command, unfortunately the data from the...

Federation of Star Systems Web Dashboard


You can now manage your settings & commands via our Web Dashboard. Sim...

Federation of Star Systems Rewrite - Part 1

Hey there,

I have been working on fixing FoSS today and have come pretty far. Almost every...