Defense Unit V3

It may or may not have taken waaaaaaaay too long, but it is here.

V3 has been released, featuring our own brand new api. We are still working on the taming calculator and look for people that want to help (mainly people good at maths).

Important changes:

  • Added tickets, private chat with server staff, see github
  • Added command saddle
  • Now uses sharding, more bot, less performance
  • Hooked with our brand new web dashboard, Server admins can now edit the configuration here too.
  • Removed command donate
  • Removed command contribute
  • Removed command patchnotes
  • Removed command search
  • Re-worked all commands, except for taming, this will be re-worked once our taming endpoint on the API is done
  • Re-worked the config command, see github or our brand new web dashboard, click on Select a server in the top right corner of your screen
  • Re-worked the server (mainly config ^) command, see github
  • Alot of optimazations
  • Alot of bug fixes

As always, there still will be bugs and glitches, if you come across any, please let us know in the support server