Federation of Star Systems Rewrite - Part 1

Hey there,

I have been working on fixing FoSS today and have come pretty far. Almost every command has been re-written except for squadron and profile. These 2 commands will be disabled for unknown time as i will hook them up with our web dashboard.

Important changes:

  • Squadron command has been temporarily disabled
  • Profile command has been temporarily disabled
  • Market and shipyard no longer require a system name
  • You can search for items in a market
  • Fixed alot of issues that would randomly crash the bot
  • Distance now works normal with commanders
  • Sever configuration no longer uses 3230 million messages to edit it. See ]config help
  • Most commands can now be used in DM too, yes!

As always, there still will be some issues, if you find any please report them in our support server.