Maintenance sunday, 20th of october

Hey there,

FortBots will be undergoing maintenance soon, we are moving this website, the API, Defense Unit bot and the Federation of Star Systems bot to another server that will hopefully lower the monthly upkeep costs. Earlier i posted in the discord that the websites would be offline for the day and the bots for max 2 hours, i just setup a test server to see how and what, and the time have changed to:

  • - 2 hours, FortBots depends on the API of FoSS and Defense Unit
  • - 1 hour, only a database export, some configuration and file transfer are required
  • Defense Unit & FoSS - 1 hour, database needs to be setup, nodejs will probably not work.

Hopefully everything goes according to plan, if not i will try my best to keep stuff running on the old server and export only the databases so no data is lost!